Published on 5/31/2024
Thank you so much for all of your help! please make yourself at home and enjoy everything!  Here is more info that will hopefully come in handy, do not hesitate to call or text if you need anything.

Emergency Contact Info
Dog Feeding
Dog Collars

Emergency contact info
Michelle – 512–507–4366
Eric – 512–468–4820
Ann, horse owner - +1 (512) 947-3582
Next-door, neighbor Ashlea - +1 (562) 484-4308
Vista vet - (512) 240-7070
5120 N A W Grimes Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665

Feeding the Monsters
Bean- big brown boy and white hairy Cotton. Less than one gray scoop twice a day for both dogs.
Eric just got some muscle support for them, it is near the dog food, two tablets in the morning would be great, but definitely not required.
Cotton uses the smaller bowl.
Sometimes They don’t always eat, that’s OK. Keep an eye out that one doesn’t eat the other bowl of food.  🥴 you don’t have to stand over them, just if you notice one, not eating you could pick up the bowl and leave it on the counter until the next feeding. 
If you think of it, you can fill up the water bowl, but they don’t drink out of that a ton. Usually they drink out of the creek or the pool.

Dog Collars
Both collars should be plugged in every night. They generally last for about 12–14 hours. Be sure that the collars are dry before connecting them to the chargers. The charging connection is magnetic, and you’ll know they are charging if there is a small green light blinking. They are Halo brand if you want to Google more info. 
If you do not plan to spend the night, which is totally ok, please lock the dogs in your place, or inside the house by closing the dog door. 

If it gets really hot and dry, if you think of it, please throw some water on the plants with color. There are three hanging in front of your place, two in front of the house (one is in the bike basket, but it is already looking pretty sad) and three live plants in the backyard. (One of the backyard plants is fake, long running joke from Eric as the only plant I can’t kill.) 😜

If you think of it, please grab the mail. The boxes big one labeled 3006 CLARK. If you don’t think of it, that’s OK too. It’s a big box and can wait till we get back.

OK, the bridge has flooded on us once but it did get really high today, the day before we leave so I want to be sure you are prepared for what happens if there is crazy Texas weather while we are gone. You can park at:

 And there is a slightly hidden path through the fence to the horse barn. Be prepared for it to be muddy. The horses are super sweet and will love to see you. 

If there is a chance of rain of greater than 1 inch. I suggest you park there and leave your car so you’ll be able to get in and out.  Please do not try to cross the bridges if they are flooded, definitely your safety is priority! If for any reason you cannot get to the house because of rain, the dogs are going to be totally fine! 

Thank you thank you again!!!