Below is a of available units. If a unit is not listed, it is no longer available.

Please note, all units are the same price and the same size (14'x50'). 

The different types of units are due to location. Units against the fence line may be more difficult to reverse in to for larger RVs and boats.

Prices do not sales include tax, which is charged on the first month rent for all units. 
Tax is not charged on the refundable deposit. 
To waive future sales tax for storing trailered watercraft please contact us at 512-759-8778.

If you have any questions, please call or text 512-759-8778.


Enclosed 50' Vehicle Storage (50 x 14 x 15)

Enclosed 50' unit, suitable for boats, RVs, trailers and vehicle storage. Includes LED lighting and plug for trickle charging. The electric will not run a/c, refrigerators or anything over 15 amps.

$490 / month

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